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The Mobile Weathering Studio can teach between 4 and 12 participants the basics of weathering railway models using airbrush and other techniques to produce realistically weathered subjects.

The equipment can be used to teach participants the basics of weathering railway models using airbrushing and various other techniques to produce realistically weathered subjects. The tuition is delivered through a mixture of demonstration and hands-on processes to practice the techniques. The session runs for a recommended 6 hours – 10:00 to 16:00 for example.

A typical session would cover the following topics:

  • Choice of equipment
  • Selection of materials and tools
  • Preparation of models and reference material
  • Suitability of techniques
  • Demonstrations of application processes
  • Finishing and detailing
  • Cleaning and maintenance of equipment

Spray booths, airbrushes, compressors and a basic set of tools and materials are provided. Participants may bring their own tools to use during the session if preferred. Tables and chairs are not included in the service.

The space required for each participant in the session is the equivalent space of a 6’ table. If access to an external window, for fume extraction, is available within 6’ of two of these spaces then a maximum of 6 spray booths can be provided. If no access for fume extraction is available then the maximum number is 4. It is possible that 2 participants could share each workstation, thus allowing a maximum of 12 participants. In addition, a 13amp socket, within 4 metres of the workspace, will be required and all equipment is connected via a RCD device.

Please contact me for the current price per head for workshops. A selection of tools and materials can be made available for sale, but only cash payments can be accepted. A price list is available on request.